The Effect of Electromagnetic Field Generated by a Mobile Phone on the Performance of a SPECT Scanner

Pashazadeh, AliMahmoud and Jafarian Dehkordi, Forough and Tanha, Kaveh and Assadi, Majid (2015) The Effect of Electromagnetic Field Generated by a Mobile Phone on the Performance of a SPECT Scanner. Clinical Nuclear Medicine, 40 (7). pp. 545-547.


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The aim of the current attempt was quantitative investigation of the electromagnetic interference (EMI) of amobile phonewith the function of a SPECT gamma camera during data acquisition. Materials and Methods:We tested the effect of a mobile phone, in both ringing mode and standby mode, on one SPECT gamma camera during scanning a cylindrical phantom containing 5.4 mCi 99mTc. The experiment was performed for different distances of 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 25, and 30 cm betweenmobile phone and head of the scanner, and for different head angles of 0, 30, 60, 90, 120, 150, and 180 degrees. A RF-EMF meter measured strength of electromagnetic field throughout the study. Statistically significant decrease in count number was considered to be electromagnetic interference. Results: There was significant reduction in the recorded counts during ringing of the mobile phone in all studied distances. For gamma camera, fixed at a distance, there was no uniform pattern of reduction of the counts at different angles between two operation modes of the mobile phone. Conclusions: A mobile phone, at close distance, can be a sensible source of electromagnetic field, disturbing the normal function of a gamma camera.signal of the detected photons.13 Electromagnetic interference with the function of photomultiplier tubes, and consequently with the operation of gamma camera, dates back before the 1980s in which former models of SPECT scanners were being affected by the earth’s magnetic field during rotation of head gantry.14 Whereas from those observations onwards, magnetic shielding has been applied in PMT designing to provide protection and stability necessary for acceptable function of gamma cameras in the presence of the earth’s magnetic field, yet this shielding seems not to be well enough to avoid interference by mobile phone’s generated field. In the former study, we qualitatively investigated such interference based on visual interpretation of a nuclear medicine physician. 11 Results of that evaluation, performed by 7 different models of mobile phones, indicated that some types of mobile phones have the capability to induce interruption on the function of the gamma camera, leading to a decrease in the recorded counts of the 99mTc activity.11 As our previous attempt1 was a qualitative rather than a quantitative study, which has its limitations, therefore in this study we were going to study EMI of a mobile phone on the function of a gamma camera in a quantitative way.

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