In vivo and in vitro evaluation of the effects of Urtica dioica and swimming activity on diabetic factors and pancreatic beta cells

Akbarzadeh4, Samad and Ranjbar, Abbas and Azarbayjani2, Mohammad Ali and Yusof, Ashril and Mokhtar, Abdul Halim and Ibrahim, Mohamed Yousif and Tarverdizadeh, Bahman and Farzadinia, Parviz and Hajiaghaee, Reza and Dehghan, Firouzeh (2016) In vivo and in vitro evaluation of the effects of Urtica dioica and swimming activity on diabetic factors and pancreatic beta cells. Ranjbari et al. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine.


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Abstract Background: Urtica dioica (UD) has been identified as a traditional herbal medicine. This study aimed to investigate the effect of UD extract and swimming activity on diabetic parameters through in vivo and in vitro experiments. Methods: Adult WKY male rats were randomly distributed in nine groups: intact control, diabetic control, diabetic + 625 mg/kg, 1.25 g/kg UD, diabetic + 100 mg/kg Metformin, diabetic + swimming, diabetic + swimming 625 mg/kg, 1.25 g/kg UD, and diabetic +100 mg/kg Metformin + swimming. The hearts of the animals were punctured, and blood samples were collected for biochemical analysis. The entire pancreas was exposed for histologic examination. The effect of UD on insulin secretion by RIN-5F cells in 6.25 or 12.5 mM glucose dose was examined. Glucose uptake by cultured L6 myotubes was determined. Results: The serum glucose concentration decreased, the insulin resistance and insulin sensitivity significantly increased in treated groups. These changes were more pronounced in the group that received UD extract and swimming training. Regeneration and less beta cell damage of Langerhans islets were observed in the treated groups. UD treatment increased insulin secretion in the RIN-5F cells and glucose uptake in the L6 myotubes cells. Conclusions: Swimming exercises accompanied by consuming UD aqueous extracts effectively improved diabetic parameters, repaired pancreatic tissues in streptozotocin-induced diabetics in vivo, and increased glucose uptake or insulin in UD-treated cells in vitro. Keywords: Diabetes, Urtica dioica, Insulin resistance, Cholesterol, TG, Pancreatic islet beta cells, Swimming exercise

Item Type: Article
Subjects: WK Endocrine System
Divisions: Faculty of Medicin > Department of Biochemistry
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Date Deposited: 03 Jul 2018 08:35
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