Application of cyclodextrins in antibody microparticles: potentials for antibody protection in spray drying

Seyedabadi,, Mohammad and Ramezani,, Vahid and Vatanara,, Alireza and Nabi Meybodi, Mohsen and Fanaei, Hamed (2017) Application of cyclodextrins in antibody microparticles: potentials for antibody protection in spray drying. Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy.


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Objectives: Dry powder formulations are extensively used to improve the stability of antibodies. Spray drying is one of important methods for protein drying. This study investigated the effects of trehalose, hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin (HPBCD) and beta cyclodextrin (BCD) on the stability and particle properties of spray dried IgG. Methods: D-optimal design was employed for experimental design as well as analysis and optimization of the variables. The size and aerodynamic behavior of particles were determined using laser light scattering and glass twin impinger, respectively. In addition, stability, ratio of beta sheets, and morphology of antibody were analyzed using size exclusion chromatography, IR spectroscopy, and electron microscopy, respectively. Results: Particle properties and antibody stability were significantly improved in the presence of HPBCD. In addition, particle aerodynamic behavior, in terms of fine particle fraction (FPF), enhanced up to 52.23%. Furthermore, antibody was better preserved not only during spray drying, but also during long term storage. In contrast, application of BCD resulted in the formation of larger particles. Although trehalose caused inappropriate aerodynamic property, it efficiently decreased antibody aggregation. Conclusion: HPBCD is an efficient excipient for development of inhalable protein formulations. In this regard, optimal particle property and antibody stability was obtained with proper combination of cyclodextrins and simple sugars, such as trehalose.

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