The lived experiences of aging in older adults: A phenomenological study

Sadeghmoghadam, L and Foroughan, M and Shahboulaghi, F.M and Ahmadi, F and Nazari, S and Farhadi, A and Delui, M.A (2020) The lived experiences of aging in older adults: A phenomenological study. Iranian Journal of Ageing, 14 (4). pp. 478-493. ISSN 1735806X

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Objectives Understanding the concept of aging and its experience from the perspective of the elderly people can provide a deeper and more realistic understanding of the phenomenon and their problems and needs. The present study aims to understand and explain the lived experiences of aging in older adults living in Iran. Methods & Materials This study used hermeneutic phenomenological method to gather data, and Van Manen's method was used for data analysis. Sampling was conducted from June 2014 to August 2015 and continued until new theme were provided. Data were collected through 10 in-depth, semi-structured interviews with older people and then were analyzed for explaining the concept of aging. Results Seven themes were extracted from the data, including the scent of deterioration, submerging in the turbulence of thoughts, lost dignity, deepened spiritual tendencies, wishing a happy life for others, transcendentalism and keeping possessions. Based on these themes, the concept of aging was explained. Conclusion Older people's perceptions of aging can provide valuable data to gerontologists and professionals in related health, education and social fields to be used for reducing the existing problems, future planning for the elderly, better communication with this group, and improving aging knowledge the quality of life aged people. © 2020, Negah Institute for Scientific Communication.

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