Toxoplasma gondii ROP38 protein: Bioinformatics analysis for vaccine design improvement against toxoplasmosis

Nosrati, M.C and Ghasemi, E and Shams, M and Shamsinia, S and Yousefi, A and Nourmohammadi, H and Javanmardi, E and Kordi, B and Majidiani, H and Ghaffari, A.D and Shakarami, F (2020) Toxoplasma gondii ROP38 protein: Bioinformatics analysis for vaccine design improvement against toxoplasmosis. Microbial Pathogenesis, 149. ISSN 08824010

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Rhoptry proteins (ROPs) play a significant role in various stages of Toxoplasma gondii (T. gondii) life cycle, being critical for both invasion and intracellular survival. ROP38 is a key manipulator of host gene expression and has a function in tachyzoite to bradyzoite conversion. In this study, we've employed various bioinformatics online tools for immunogenicity prediction of ROP38 protein, comprising physico-chemical, antigenic and allergenic profiles, transmembrane domain, subcellular localization, post-translational modification (PTM) sites, secondary and 3D structure, B-cell, MHC-binding and cytotoxic T-lymphocyte (CTL) epitopes. The findings showed 54 PTM sites without a transmembrane domain. Also, ROP38 was proved a non-allergenic and antigenic protein. The protein had Sec signal peptide (Sec/SPI) with 0.8762 likelihood. The secondary structure included 52.68% random coil, 29.57% alpha helix and 17.74% extended strand. Based on Ramachandran plot output for refined model, 95.3%, 3.4%, and 1.4% of amino acid residues were incorporated in the favored, allowed, and outlier regions, respectively. B-cell epitopes TFPGDDIQTSS (67–72) and KAKNKWGRTRYTLQG (207–221) as well as T-cell epitope LSPVGFFTAL (6–15) possessed the highest antigenic index in the protein sequence. This paper is a premise for further researches, and provides insights for the development of a suitable vaccine against toxoplasmosis. More empirical studies are required using the ROP38 alone or in combination with other antigens/epitopes in the future.

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