Simultaneous regulation of miR-451 and miR-191 led to erythroid fate decision of mouse embryonic stem cell

Shokri, G and Kouhkan, F and Nojehdehi, S and Soleimani, M and Pourfathollah, A.A and Zarif, M.N and Tamaddon, M and Obeidi, N (2019) Simultaneous regulation of miR-451 and miR-191 led to erythroid fate decision of mouse embryonic stem cell. Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences, 22 (4). pp. 432-438. ISSN 20083866


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Objective(s): Various microRNAs (miRNAs) are expressed during development of mammalian cells, when they aid in modulating gene expression by mediating mRNA transcript cleavage and/or regulation of translation rate. miR-191 and miR-451 have been shown to be critical regulators of hematopoiesis and have important roles in the induction of erythroid fate decision. So, the aim of this study is investigation of the miR-191 and miR-451 roles in the controlling mouse embryonic stem cell (mESC) differentiation toward the erythroid lineage. Materials and Methods: mESCs were infected with either pCDH-miR-Off-191 viruses in pCDH-miR-Off-191 group or simultaneously with pCDH-miR-Off-191 and pCDH-miR-451 lentiviruses in simultaneous group. Then, the expression profiles of erythroid specific transcription factors and globin genes were analyzed using QRT-PCR on day 14 and 21 of differentiation. Flow cytometry analysis was used to evaluate of TER119 and CD235a erythroid specific surface markers. Results: Gata-1, Klf-1, Epor and globin chains were found to be expressed in pCDH-miR-Off-191 and in simultaneous groups. The majority of globin chains showed changes in their expression levels with progression of differentiation from day 14 to day 21. Flow cytometry results showed that miR-451 upregulation and miR-191 down-regulation is associated with the expression of TER119 and CD235a. Of these two groups analyzed, simultaneous group was most significantly potent in stimulation of erythroid fate decision of mESCs. Conclusion: Together, present data demonstrate that down-regulation of miR-191 alone can enhance the differentiation of mESCs. However, the simultaneous effect of miR-451up-regulation and miR-191 down-regulation is much stronger and can have more practical use in artificial blood production.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Differentiation،Erythropoiesis،MiR-191،MiR-451،Mouse embryonic stem cell
Subjects: QT Physiology
Divisions: Faculty of Paramedics
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Date Deposited: 30 Dec 2020 09:53
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