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Afra, A and Mollaei Pardeh, M and Saki, H and Farhadi, H and Geravandi, S and Mehrabi, P and Dobaradaran, S and Momtazan, M and Dehkordi, Z and Mohammadi, M.J (2020) Anesthetic toxic isoflurane and health risk assessment in the operation room in Abadan, Iran during 2018. Clinical Epidemiology and Global Health, 8 (1). pp. 251-256. ISSN 2213-3984

Ahmadi, E and Yousefzadeh, S and Mokammel, A and Miri, M and Ansari, M and Arfaeinia, H and Badi, M.Y and Ghaffari, H.R and Rezaei, S and Mahvi, A.H (2020) Kinetic study and performance evaluation of an integrated two-phase fixed-film baffled bioreactor for bioenergy recovery from wastewater and bio-wasted sludge. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 121. ISSN 13640321

Akhbarizadeh, R and Moore, F and Monteiro, C and Fernandes, J.O and Cunha, S.C (2020) Occurrence, trophic transfer, and health risk assessment of bisphenol analogues in seafood from the Persian Gulf. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 154. p. 111036. ISSN 0025326X

Azamateslamtalab, E and Madani, M and Ramavandi, R and Mohammadi, R (2020) Sonication alkaline–assisted preparation of Rhizopus oryzae biomass for facile bio-elimination of tetracycline antibiotic from an aqueous matrix. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 27 (28). pp. 35792-35801. ISSN Environmental Science and Pollution Research


Bibak, M and Tahmasebi, S and Sattari, M and Kafaei, R and Ramavandi, B (2020) Empirical cumulative entropy as a new trace elements indicator to determine the relationship between algae-sediment pollution in the Persian Gulf, southern Iran. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. ISSN 09441344 (In Press)

Bonyadi, Z and Arfaeinia, H and Ramavandi, B and Omidvar, M and Asadi, R (2020) Quantification of mortality and morbidity attributed to the ambient air criteria pollutants in Shiraz city, Iran. Chemosphere, 257 (127233). ISSN 0045-6535


Damiri, F and Dobaradaran, S and Hashemi, S and Foroutan, R and Vosoughi, M and Sahebi, S and Ramavandi, B and Camilla Boffito, D (2020) Waste sludge from shipping docks as a catalyst to remove amoxicillin in water with hydrogen peroxide and ultrasound. Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 68. ISSN 13504177

Dobaradaran, S and Schmidt, T.C and Lorenzo-Parodi, N and Kaziur-Cegla, W and Jochmann, M.A and Nabipour, I and Lutze, H.V and Telgheder, U (2020) Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) leachates from cigarette butts into water. Environmental Pollution, 259. ISSN 02697491

Dobaradaran, S and Shabankareh Fard, E and Tekle-Röttering, A and Keshtkar, M and Karbasdehi, V.N and Abtahi, M (2020) Age-sex specific and cause-specific health risk and burden of disease induced by exposure to trihalomethanes (THMs) and haloacetic acids (HAAs) from drinking water: An assessment in four urban communities of Bushehr Province, Iran, 2017. Environmental Research, 182. ISSN 0013-9351


Faraji Ghasemi, F and Dobaradaran, S. and Saeedi, R and Nabipour, I and Nazmara, S and Ranjbar Vakil Abadi, D and Arfaeinia, H and Ramavandi, B and Spitz, J and Mohammadi, M.J and Keshtkar, M (2020) Levels and ecological and health risk assessment of PM2.5-bound heavy metals in the northern part of the Persian Gulf. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 27 (5). pp. 5305-5313. ISSN 09441344

Foroutan, R and Mohammadi, R and Sohrabi, N and Sahebi, S and Farjadfard, S and Esvandi, Z and Ramavandi, B (2020) Calcined alluvium of agricultural streams as a recyclable and cleaning tool for cationic dye removal from aqueous media. Environmental Technology and Innovation, 17. ISSN 23521864

Fouladvand, M and Barazesh, A (2020) Seroprevalence of Toxocariasis in schoolchildren in Bushehr, Iran. Clinical Epidemiology and Global Health, 8 (3). pp. 920-922. ISSN 22133984


Hamidi, A and Ramavandi, B (2020) Evaluation and scientometric analysis of researches on air pollution in developing countries from 1952 to 2018. Air Quality, Atmosphere and Health, 13 (7). pp. 797-806. ISSN 18739318

Heydari, G and Ranjbar Vakilabadi, D and Kermani, M and Rayani, M and Poureshgh, Y and Behroozi, M and Fanaei, F and Arfaeinia,, H (2020) Load characteristics and inhalation risk assessment of benzene series (BTEX) pollutant in indoor air of Ghalyan and/ or cigarette cafes compared to smoking-free cafes. Environmental Pollutants and Bioavailability, 32 (1). pp. 26-35. ISSN 26395932

Homayonibezi, N and Dobaradaran, S and Arfaeinia, H and Mahmoodi, M and Sanati, A.M and Farzaneh, M.R and Kafaei, R and Afsari, M and Fouladvand, M and Ramavandi, B (2020) Toxic heavy metals and nutrient concentration in the milk of goat herds in two Iranian industrial and non-industrial zones. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. ISSN 09441344 (In Press)


Idani, E and Geravandi, s and Akhzari, M and Goudarzi, G and Alavi, N and Yari, A.R and Mehrpour, M and Khavasi, M and Bahmaei, J and Bostan, H and Dobaradaran, S and Salmanzadeh, S and Mohammadi, M.J (2020) Characteristics, sources, and health risks of atmospheric PM10-bound heavy metals in a populated middle eastern city. Toxin Reviews, 39 (3). pp. 266-274. ISSN 15569543


Jamali, M and Dobaradaran, S and Mahvi, A.H and Raeisi, A and Tangestani, M and Saeed, R and Spitz, J (2020) Assessing the non-carcinogenic risk due to the intake of fluoride from fruit juice available in the market in Bushehr. Fluoride, 53 (1). pp. 136-153. ISSN 00154725


Kermani, M. and Jonidi Jafari, A. and Gholami, M. and Taghizadeh, F. and Arfaeinia, H. and Abdolsalami, Y. and Shahsavani, A. (2021) Concentrations, spatial distribution, and human health risk assessment of asbestos fibers in ambient air of Tehran, Iran. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, 15 (18). ISSN 18667511


Maleki, R and Asadgol, Z and Kermani, M and Jonidi Jafari, A and Arfaeinia, H and Gholami, M (2020) Monitoring BTEX compounds and asbestos fibers in the ambient air of Tehran, Iran: Seasonal variations, spatial distribution, potential sources, and risk assessment. International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry. ISSN 03067319 (In Press)

Masjedi, M.R and Dobaradaran, S and Keshmiri, S and Taghizadeh, F and Arfaeinia, H and Fanaei, F and Behroozi, M and Nasrzadeh, F and Joukar, M (2020) Use of toenail-bounded heavy metals to characterize occupational exposure and oxidative stress in workers of waterpipe/cigarette cafés. Environmental Geochemistry and Health. ISSN 02694042 (In Press)

Masroor, K and Kermani, M and Gholami, M and Fanaei, F and Arfaeinia, H and Nemati, S and Tahmasbizadeh, M (2020) Development and implementation of water safety plans for groundwater resources in the southernmost city of West Azerbaijan Province, Iran. Journal of Environmental Health Science and Engineering, 18 (2). pp. 629-637. ISSN 2052336X

Moradian, F and Ramavandi, B and Jaafarzadeh, N and Kouhgardi, E (2020) Effective treatment of high-salinity landfill leachate using ultraviolet/ultrasonication/ peroxymonosulfate system. Waste Management, 118. pp. 591-599. ISSN 0956053X

Mousavi, S.M and Hashemi, S.A and Zarei, M and Bahrani, S and Savardashtaki, A and Esmaeili, H and Lai, C.W and Mazraedoost, S and Abassi, M and Ramavandi, B (2020) Data on cytotoxic and antibacterial activity of synthesized Fe3O4 nanoparticles using Malva sylvestris. Data in Brief, 28. ISSN 23523409


Rashtbari, Y and Américo-Pinheiro, J.H.P and Bahrami, S and Fazlzadeh, M and Arfaeinia, H and Poureshgh, Y (2020) Efficiency of Zeolite Coated with Zero-Valent Iron Nanoparticles for Removal of Humic Acid from Aqueous Solutions. Water, Air, and Soil Pollution, 231 (10). ISSN 0049-6979

Ravanbod, MR and Movahed, A and Ostovar, A and Hajigholami, A and Khamisipour, G and Farrokhi, S and Darabi, H and Khosravi, Y and Gheybi, MK (2016) Clinical Manifestations of β-Thalassemia Major in Two Different Altitudes; Bushehr and Shahrekord. International journal of hematology-oncology and stem cell research.

Rayani, M and Unyah, N.Z and Vafafar, A and Hatam, G.R (2020) Isoenzyme profiles and phylogenetic analysis of Giardia duodenalis isolates from Iranian patients. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 27 (32). pp. 40652-40663. ISSN 09441344


Sahebi, S and Sheikhi, M and Ramavandi, B and Ahmadi, M and Zhao, S and Adeleye, AS and Shabani, Z and Mohammadi, T (2020) Sustainable management of saline oily wastewater via forward osmosis using aquaporin membrane. Process Safety and Environmental Protection, 138. pp. 199-207. ISSN 09575820

Savari, A and Hashemi, S and Arfaeinia, H and Dobaradaran, S and Foroutan, R and Mahvi, A.H and Fouladvand, M and Sorial, G.A and Farjadfard, S and Ramavandi, B (2020) Physicochemical characteristics and mechanism of fluoride removal using powdered zeolite-zirconium in modes of pulsed& continuous sonication and stirring. Advanced Powder Technology, 31 (8). pp. 3521-3532. ISSN 09218831

Shafiee, M and Akbari, A and Bahreini pour, I and Foroutan, R and Ramavandi, B (2020) The permeability and selectivity of nanocomposite membrane of PEBAx 1657/PEI/SiO2 for separation of CO2, N2, O2, CH4 gases: A data set. Data in Brief, 28. ISSN 23523409


Takdastan, A and Sadeghi, H and Dobaradaran, S and Ma, L and Sorooshian, A and Ravanbakhsh, M and Hazrati Niari, M (2020) Synthesis and characterization of γ-Fe2O3 encapsulated NaY zeolites as solid adsorbent for degradation of ceftriaxone through heterogeneous catalytic advanced oxidation processes. Journal of the Iranian Chemical Society, 17 (3). pp. 725-734. ISSN 1735-207X

Tavasol, F and Tabatabaie, T and Ramavandi, B and Amiri, F (2020) Design a new photocatalyst of sea sediment/titanate to remove cephalexin antibiotic from aqueous media in the presence of sonication/ultraviolet/hydrogen peroxide: Pathway and mechanism for degradation. Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 65. ISSN 13504177

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