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Abtahi, M and Dobaradaran, S and Torabbeigi, M and Jorfi, S and Gholamnia, R and Koolivand, A and Darabi, H and Kavousi, A and Saeedi, R (2019) Health risk of phthalates in water environment: Occurrence in water resources, bottled water, and tap water, and burden of disease from exposure through drinking water in tehran, Iran. Environmental Research, 173. pp. 469-479. ISSN Environmental Research

Ahmadi, M and Akhbarizadeh, R and Haghighifard, N.J and Barzegar, G and Jorfi, S (2019) Geochemical determination and pollution assessment of heavy metals in agricultural soils of south western of Iran 05 Environmental Sciences 0503 Soil Sciences. Journal of Environmental Health Science and Engineering, 17 (2). pp. 657-669. ISSN 2052336X

Ahmadi, Mehdi and Dashtestani, Moloud and Takdastan, Afshin and Jorfi, Sahand (2016) Data onbiodegradationoftotalpetroleum hydrocarbonsusingco-compostingofcow manure/oilydrillwastes. Data inBrief9, 9. pp. 723-726.

Ahmadi, Mehdi and Dastorian, Mehrshad and Jafarzadeh, Nemat and Jorfi, Sahand and Ramavandi, bahman and Jorfi, Sahand and Ramavandi, Bahman (2016) Data ongreenhousegasesemission in condensateseparationunitofapetrochemical companyinIran. Data inBrief (8). pp. 750-754.

Ahmadi, Mehdi and Saki, Hamed and Takdastan, Afshin and Dinarvand, Mehri and Jorfi, Sahand and Ramavandi, Bahman Advancedtreatmentofsalinemunicipal wastewaterby Ruppia maritima: Adataset. Data inBrief (13). pp. 545-549.

Akbarzadeh, Samad and Kafaei, Raheleh and Hashemi, Seyedenayat and Ramavandi, Bahman (2016) Data ontherelationshipbetweenbromide contentandtheformationpotential of THMs,HAAs,andHANsuponchlorination and monochloraminationofKaroon Riverwater,Iran. Data inBrief, 8. pp. 415-419.

Asgari, Ghorban and Akbari, Somaye and SeidMohammadi, Abdol Motaleb and Poormohammadi, Ali and Ramavandi, Bahman (2017) Preparationandcatalyticactivityofbone-char ash decoratedwithMgO-FeNO3 for ozonation of reactiveblack5dyefromaqueoussolution: Taguchioptimizationdata. Data inBrief (13). pp. 132-136.

Asgari, Ghorban and Ramavandi, Bahman and Farjadfard, Sima (2013) Abatement of Azo Dye from Wastewater Using Bimetal-Chitosan. The ScientificWorld Journal.


Delshab, Sedigheh and Kouhgardi, Esmaeil and Ramavandi, Bahman (2016) Data ofheavymetalsbiosorptiononto Sargassum oligocystum collectedfromthenortherncoast of PersianGulf. Data inBrief (8). pp. 235-241.

Dobaradaran, S and Schmidt, T.C and Lorenzo-Parodi, N and Jochmann, M.A and Nabipour, I and Raeisi, A and Stojanović, N and Mahmoodi, M (2019) Cigarette butts: An overlooked source of PAHs in the environment? Environmental Pollution, 249. pp. 932-939. ISSN 02697491

Dobaradaran,, Sina and Eghbali,, Seyed Sajjad and Keshtkar,, Mozhgan and Babaahmadi,, Fereshte and Pazira,, Abdolrahim and Khorsand,, Maryam (2017) Data on metal levels in the inlet and outlet wastewater treatment plant of hospitals in Bushehr province, Iran. Data in Brief, 10. pp. 1-5.

Dobaradaran,, Sina and Mohammadi,, Mohammad Javad and Salari,, Jila and Takdastan,, Afshin and Farhadi,, Majid and Javanmardi,, Parviz and Yari,, Ahmad Reza and Almasi,, Halime and Rahimi,, Somayeh (2017) Removal of turbidity and organic matter from car wash wastewater by electrocoagulation process. Desalination and Water Treatment, 68. pp. 122-128.


Foroutan, R and Mohammadi, R and Razeghi, J and Ramavandi, B (2019) Performance of algal activated carbon/Fe 3 O 4 magnetic composite for cationic dyes removal from aqueous solutions. Algal Research, 40. ISSN 22119264

Foroutan, Rauf and Esmaeili, Hossein and DerakhshandehRishehri, Seyedehmasomeh and Sadeghzadeh, Farzaneh and Mirahmadi, Seyedehroghayeh and Sadeghzadeh, Farzaneh and Kosarifard, Malihe and Ramavandi, Bahman (2017) Zinc, nickel,andcobaltionsremovalfrom aqueoussolutionandplatingplantwastewater bymodified Aspergillus flavus biomass: Adataset. Data inBrief (12). pp. 485-492.


Gharibzadeh, F and Kalantary, R.R and Esrafili, A and Ravanipour, M and Azari, A (2019) Desorption kinetics and isotherms of phenanthrene from contaminated soil. Journal of Environmental Health Science and Engineering, 17 (1). pp. 171-181. ISSN 2052336X


Habibi, Nasim and Rouhi, Parham and Ramavandi, Bahman (2017) Synthesis ofadsorbentfrom Tamarixhispida and modified bylanthanummetalfor fluoride ions removalfromwastewater:Adsorbent characteristicsandrealwastewater treatmentdata. Data inBrief (13). pp. 749-754.

Hajipour, M.J and Mohammad-Beigi, H and Nabipour, I and Mahmoudi, N and Azhdarzadeh, M and Derakhshankhah, H and Dawud, D.E and Mohammadinejad, R and Otzen, D.E (2020) Amyloid fibril inhibition, acceleration, or fragmentation; Are nano-based approaches advance in the right direction? Nano Today, 35. p. 100983. ISSN 17480132

Hajivandi, Abdollah and Farjadfard, Sima and Ramavandi, Bahman and Akbarzadeh, Samad (2016) Experimental dataforsynthesisofbi-metalized chitosanparticleforattenuatingofanazodye fromwastewater. Data inBrief (7). pp. 71-76.


Jafari, A.J and Arfaeinia, H and Badi, M.Y and Kalantary, R.R and Kermani, M (2019) Ozone-Assisted photocatalytic degradation of benzene using nano-zinc oxide impregnated granular activated carbon (ZnO–GAC) in a continuous fluidized bed reactor. Environmental Progress and Sustainable Energy, 38 (4). ISSN 19447442

Jafari, A.J and Arfaeinia, H and Ramavandi, B and Kalantary, R.R and Esrafily, A (2019) Ozone-assisted photocatalytic degradation of gaseous toluene from waste air stream using silica-functionalized graphene oxide/ZnO coated on fiberglass: performance, intermediates, and mechanistic pathways. Air Quality, Atmosphere and Health, 12 (10). pp. 1181-1188. ISSN 18739318

Jorfi, S and Atashi, Z and Akhbarizadeh, R and Khorasgani, Z.N and Ahmadi, M (2019) Distribution and health risk assessment of organochlorine pesticides in agricultural soils of the Aghili plain, Southwest Iran. Environmental Earth Sciences, 78 (20). ISSN 18666280

Jorfi, S and Ghafari, S and Ramavandi, B and Soltani, R.D.C and Ahmadi, M (2019) Biodegradation of high saline petrochemical wastewater by novel isolated halotolerant bacterial strains using integrated powder activated carbon/activated sludge bioreactor. Environmental Progress and Sustainable Energy, 38 (4). ISSN 19447442


Kafaei, Raheleh and Tahmasbi, Rahim and Ravanipour, Masomeh and Ranjbar Vakilabadi, Dariush and Ahmadi, Mehdi and Omrani, Abdolmajid and Ramavandi, Bahman (2017) Urinary arsenic, cadmium, manganese, nickel, and vanadium levels of schoolchildren in the vicinity of the industrialised area of Asaluyeh, Iran. Environ Sci Pollut Res.

Kafaei, Raheleh and Tahmasebi, Rahim and Ravanipour, Masomeh and RanjbarVakilabadi, Dariush and Ahmadi, Mehdi and Farzaneh, Mohammad Reza and Ramavandi, Bahman (2017) Data onmetalsbiomonitoringinthebody of schoolchildreninthevicinityofaheavily industrialized site. Data inBrief (12). pp. 405-408.

Kermani, M and Jonidi Jafari, A and Gholami, M and Shahsavani, A and Taghizadeh, F and Arfaeinia, H (2019) Ambient air PM2.5-bound PAHs in low traffic, high traffic, and industrial areas along Tehran, Iran. Human and Ecological Risk Assessment. ISSN 10807039


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Momeni,, S and Ahmadi,, R and Nabipour,, I (2019) Arsenate removal from aqueous solutions by cuttlebone/copper oxide nanobiocomposite. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 26 (36). pp. 37162-37173. ISSN 09441344


Raeisi,, Alireza and Soleimani,, Farshid and Dobaradaran,, Sina and Keshtkar,, Mozhgan and Noroozi Karbasdehi,, Vahid (2017) Microbial, chemical and physical properties of drinking water in Bushehr distribution network system. Desalination and Water Treatment, 65. pp. 208-214.

Rahbar, Alireza and Farjadfard, Sima and Leili, Mostafa and Kafaei, Raheleh and Haghshenas, Vajiheh and Ramavandi, Bahman (2016) Experimental dataofbiomaterialderived from Malvasylvestris and charcoaltabletpowder for Hg2þ removalfromaqueoussolutions. Data inBrief (8). pp. 132-135.

Ramavandi, Bahman and Dobaradaran, Sina and Asgari, Ghorban and Masoumbeigi, Hossein (2013) High potential for the formation of haloacetic acids in the Karoon River water in Iran. Springer Science+Business Media.

Ramavandi,, Bahman and Papari,, Fatemeh and Rouhi,, P. (2017) Fluoride ion removal from aqueous solution, groundwater, and seawater by granular and powdered Conocarpus erectus biochar. Desalination and Water Treatment, 65. pp. 375-386.

RanjbarVakilabadi, Dariush and Ramavandi, Bahman and Hassani, Amir Hessam and Omrani, Ghasemali (2017) Application ofCu/Mg/Al-chitosan-O3 system for landfill leachatetreatment:Experimental and economicevaluationdata. Data inBrief (16). pp. 192-196.

Rashtbari, Y and Arfaeinia, H and Ahmadi, S and Bahrami Asl, F (2020) Potential of using green adsorbent of humic acid removal from aqueous solutions: equilibrium, kinetics, thermodynamic and regeneration studies. International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry. ISSN 03067319 (In Press)

Ravanipour, Masoumeh and Kafaei, Raheleh and Keshtkar, Mozhgan and Tajalli, Soghra and Mirzaei, Narjes and Ramavandi, Bahman (2017) Fluoride ionadsorptionontopalmstone: Optimizationthroughresponsesurface methodology,isotherm,andadsorbent characteristicsdata. Data inBrief (12). pp. 471-479.


Shahverdi, Maryam and Kouhgardi, Esmaeil and Ramavandi, Bahman (2016) Characterization,kinetic,andisothermdata for Cr(VI)removalfromaqueoussolution by Populusalba biochar modified byacationicsurfactant. Data inBrief (9). pp. 163-168.

sahebi, S and Sheikhi, M and Ramavandi, B and Zhao, S and Baniasadi, J and Fadaie, N and Mohammadi, T (2020) Developing novel thin film composite membrane on a permeate spacer backing fabric for forward osmosis. Chemical Engineering Research and Design, 160. pp. 326-334. ISSN 02638762


Yeganeh, G and Ramavandi, B and Esmaeili, H and Tamjidi, S (2019) Dataset of the aqueous solution and petrochemical wastewater treatment containing ammonia using low cost and efficient bio-adsorbents. Data in Brief, 26. ISSN 23523409


Zaeri, Sasan and Shabankarehfard, Elham and Ostovar, Afshin and Farrokhi, Shokrollah and Naeimi, Behrouz and Nazmara, Shahrokh and Keshtkar, Mozhgan and Sadeghzadeh, Farzaneh and Dobaradaran, Sina (2017) Air- and Dust-Borne Fungi in Indoor and Outdoor Home of Allergic Patients in a Dust-Storm-Affected Area. Immunological Investigations.


منصوریان, مرتضی and صلحی, مهناز and ادب, زهره and لطیفی, مرضیه (2014) رابطه وابستگی به تلفن همراه با احساس تنهايی و حمايت اجتماعی در دانشجويان. مجله علوم پزشکی رازی, 17 (77). pp. 1-8. ISSN 2228-7043

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