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Abbasi, Farhad and Adatorwovor, Reuben and Davarpanah, Mohammad Ali and Mansoori, Yasaman and Hajiani, Mehdi and Azodi, Farzan and Sefidbakht, Sepideh and Davoudi, Shayesteh and Rezaei, Farzana and Mohammadmoradi, Shayan and Asadipooya, Kamyar (2022) A Randomized Trial of Sitagliptin and Spironolactone With Combination Therapy in Hospitalized Adults With COVID-19. Journal of the Endocrine Society, 6 (4). ISSN 2472-1972

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Tajbakhsh, Saeed and Farshadpour, Fatemeh and Taherkhani, Reza and GholizadehTangestani, Marziyeh and Hajiani, Gholamreza and Sharifi, Nasrin and Taherkhani, Sakineh and Nejadbolkheyr, Abdolreza (2016) Prevalence and Trends of Transfusion- Transmissible Viral Infections among Blood Donors in South of Iran: An Eleven-Year Retrospective Study. PLoS One, 11 (16). pp. 1-18.


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