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Ababzadeh, S and Farzin, A and Goodarzi, A and Karimi,, R and Sagharjoghi Farahani, M and Eslami Farsani, M and Gharibzad, K and Zahiri, M and Ai, J (2020) High porous electrospun poly(ε-caprolactone)/gelatin/MgO scaffolds preseeded with endometrial stem cells promote tissue regeneration in full-thickness skin wounds: An in vivo study. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part B Applied Biomaterials, 108 (7). pp. 2961-2970. ISSN 1552-4973

Afra, A and Mollaei Pardeh, M and Saki, H and Farhadi, H and Geravandi, S and Mehrabi, P and Dobaradaran, S and Momtazan, M and Dehkordi, Z and Mohammadi, M.J (2020) Anesthetic toxic isoflurane and health risk assessment in the operation room in Abadan, Iran during 2018. Clinical Epidemiology and Global Health, 8 (1). pp. 251-256. ISSN 2213-3984

Ahmadi, E and Yousefzadeh, S and Mokammel, A and Miri, M and Ansari, M and Arfaeinia, H and Badi, M.Y and Ghaffari, H.R and Rezaei, S and Mahvi, A.H (2020) Kinetic study and performance evaluation of an integrated two-phase fixed-film baffled bioreactor for bioenergy recovery from wastewater and bio-wasted sludge. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 121. ISSN 13640321

Akhbarizadeh, R and Dobaradaran, S and Nabipour, I and Tajbakhsh, S and Darabi, A.H and Spitz, J (2020) Abundance, composition, and potential intake of microplastics in canned fish. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 160. ISSN 0025326X

Akhbarizadeh, R and Dobaradaran, S and Schmidt, T.C and Nabipour, I and Spitz, J (2020) Worldwide bottled water occurrence of emerging contaminants: A review of the recent scientific literature. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 392 (12227). ISSN 03043894

Akhbarizadeh, R and Moore, F and Monteiro, C and Fernandes, J.O and Cunha, S.C (2020) Occurrence, trophic transfer, and health risk assessment of bisphenol analogues in seafood from the Persian Gulf. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 154. p. 111036. ISSN 0025326X

Alipour, Z. and Armin, A and Mohamadi, S and Tabib, S.M and Azizmohammadi, Z and Gholamrezanezhad, A.d and Assadi, M (2020) Hepatopulmonary syndrome with right-to-left shunt in cirrhotic patients using macro-aggregated albumin lung perfusion scan: Comparison with contrast echocardiography and association with clinical data [Sirotik hastalardaki sağ-sol şant ile ilişkili hepatopulmoner sendromun tanısında makro-agregant albümin akciğer perfüzyon sintigrafisinin kontrast ekokardiyografi ile karşılaştırılması ve klinik veriler ile ilişkisi]. Molecular Imaging and Radionuclide Therapy, 29 (1). pp. 1-6. ISSN 21461414

Amini, A and Yahyanezhad, S and Velez, E and Gholamrezanezhad, A and Fotoohi, M and Jafari, E and Assadi,, M (2020) Prospective evaluation of phosphorus-32 radiation synovectomy in patients with severe and chronic rheumatoid arthritis unresponsive to conventional medical treatment. Nuclear medicine communications, 41 (1). pp. 65-72. ISSN 0143-3636 (Print)

Andani, A.M and Tabatabaie, T and Farhadi, S and Ramavandi, B (2020) MIL-101(Cr)-cobalt ferrite magnetic nanocomposite: synthesis, characterization and applications for the sonocatalytic degradation of organic dye pollutants. RSC Advances, 10 (54). pp. 32845-32855. ISSN 20462069

Ardakani, M.F and Abargouei, A.S and Sotoudeh, A and Esmaeildokht, S and Bahrevar, V (2020) Do subjective norms predict the screening of cancer patients' first-degree relatives? A systematic review and meta-analysis. Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention, 21 (6). pp. 1521-1530. ISSN 15137368

Arfaeinia, H and Khaghani, R and Fazlzadeh, M and Poureshgh, Y (2020) Silica-functionalized graphene oxide/ZnO as a photocatalyst for degradation of pirimiphos-methyl from aqueous solutions. Desalination and Water Treatment, 190. pp. 156-166. ISSN 19443994

Arfaeinia, L and Dobaradaran, S and Nasrzadeh, F and SHAMSIAN, S. and Poureshgh, Y and Arfaeinia, H (2020) Phthalate acid esters (PAEs) in highly acidic juice packaged in polyethylene terephthalate (PET) container: Occurrence, migration and estrogenic activity-associated risk assessment. Microchemical Journal, 155 (104719). ISSN 0026265X

Asgari, E and Sheikhmohammadi, F and Nourmoradi, H and Hashemzadeh, A and Rostamifasih, Z and Hashemzadeh, B and Arfaeinia, H (2020) Heterogeneous catalytic degradation of nonylphenol using persulphate activated by natural pyrite: response surface methodology modelling and optimisation. International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry. ISSN 03067319 (In Press)

Asgarian, A and Sourani, K and Afrashteh, S and Mohammadbeigi,, A and Aligol, M (2020) Low birth weight incidence in newborn' neonate in Qom, Iran: Risk factors and complications. Journal of Medical Sciences, 40 (4). pp. 162-166. ISSN 10114564

Askari, G and Aghajani, M and Salehi, M and Najafgholizadeh, A and Keshavarzpour, Z and Fadel, A and Venkatakrishnan, K and Salehi-sahlabadi, A and Hadi, A and Pourmasoumi, M (2020) The effects of ginger supplementation on biomarkers of inflammation and oxidative stress in adults: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Journal of Herbal Medicine, 22 (100364). ISSN 22108033

Assadi, M (2020) Creation the fully integrated and flourishing assessment challenge award: Integration is the key. Iranian Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 28 (2). pp. 1-3. ISSN 16812824

Assadi, M and Gholamrezanezhad, A and Jokar, N and Keshavarz, M and Picchio, M and Seregni, E and Bombardieri, E and Chiti, A (2020) Key elements of preparedness for pandemic coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in nuclear medicine units. European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, 47 (8). pp. 1779-1786. ISSN 16197070

Assadi, M and Jokar, N and Ghasemi, M and Nabipour, I and Gholamrezanezhad, A and Ahmadzadehfar, H (2020) Precision medicine approach in prostate cancer. Current Pharmaceutical Design, 26 (31). pp. 3783-3798. ISSN 13816128

Assadi, M and Nemati, R and Shooli, H and Rekabpour, S.J and Nabipour, I (2020) An aggressive functioning pituitary adenoma treated with peptide receptor radionuclide therapy. European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, 47 (4). pp. 1015-1016. ISSN 16197070

Azamateslamtalab, E and Madani, M and Ramavandi, R and Mohammadi, R (2020) Sonication alkaline–assisted preparation of Rhizopus oryzae biomass for facile bio-elimination of tetracycline antibiotic from an aqueous matrix. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 27 (28). pp. 35792-35801. ISSN Environmental Science and Pollution Research

Bagheri, D and Farhadi, A and Bargahi, A and Nabipour, I and Sharif, S.R.A and Jeffs, A.G (2020) Morphometric and genetic characterizations of blue swimming crab Portunus segnis, (Forskal, 1775) along the Iranian coasts of the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea. Regional Studies in Marine Science, 34. ISSN 23524855

Bagherzadeh, M and Sajjadi-Jazi, S.M and Sharifi, F and Ebrahimpur, M, M and Amininezhad, F and Ostovar, A and Shafiee, G and Heshmat, R and Mehrdad, N and Razi, F and Nabipour, I and Larijani, B (2020) Effects of metabolic syndrome on bone health in older adults: the Bushehr Elderly Health (BEH) program. Osteoporosis International, 31 (10). pp. 1975-1984. ISSN 0937941X

Barazesh, A and Fouladvand, M and Rayani, M and Ebrahimi, S (2020) Comparison of various methods for DNA extraction from human isolated paraffin-embedded hydatid cyst samples. Journal of Parasitic Diseases, 44 (3). pp. 613-617. ISSN 09717196

BasirianJahromi, R and Shamsi, A (2020) Should we add social media account details to authors' affiliations? Learned Publishing. ISSN 09531513 (In Press)

Bastaki, S and Irandoust, M and Ahmadi, A and Hojjat-Farsangi, M and Ambrose, P and Hallaj, S and Edalati, M and Ghalamfarsa, G and Azizi, G and Yousefi, M and Chalajour, H and Jadidi-Niaragh, F (2020) PD-L1/PD-1 axis as a potent therapeutic target in breast cancer. Life Sciences, 247. p. 117437. ISSN 00243205

Bibak, M and Tahmasebi, S and Sattari, M and Kafaei, R and Ramavandi, B (2020) Empirical cumulative entropy as a new trace elements indicator to determine the relationship between algae-sediment pollution in the Persian Gulf, southern Iran. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. ISSN 09441344 (In Press)

Bonyadi, Z and Arfaeinia, H and Ramavandi, B and Omidvar, M and Asadi, R (2020) Quantification of mortality and morbidity attributed to the ambient air criteria pollutants in Shiraz city, Iran. Chemosphere, 257 (127233). ISSN 0045-6535

Bordbar, M and Shakibazad, N and Mottaghipisheh, H and Shahriari, M and Zareifar, S and Zekavat, O.R. (2020) Acute renal failure: A rare initial presentation of acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Middle East Journal of Cancer, 11 (4). pp. 512-515. ISSN 20086709

Chidambaram, V and Tun, N.L and Haque, W.Z and Gilbert Majella, M and Kumar Sivakumar, R and Kumar, A and Hsu, A.T.-W and Ishak, I.A and Nur, A.A and Ayeh, S.K and Salia, E.L and Zil-E-Ali, A and Saeed, M.A and Sarena, A.P.B and Seth, B and Ahmadzada, M and Haque, E.F and Neupane, P and Wang, K.-H and Pu, T.-M and Ali, S.M.H and Arshad, M.A and Wang, L and Baksh, S and Karakousis, P.C and Galiatsatos, P (2020) Factors associated with mortality in COVID-19 patients: A systematic review and meta-analysis. PLoS ONE, 15 (11). ISSN 19326203

Dadgar, H and Norouzbeigi, N and Ahmadzadehfar, H and Assadi, M (2020) 68Ga-DOTATATE and 18F-FDG PET/CT for the Management of Esthesioneuroblastoma of the Sphenoclival Region. Clinical Nuclear Medicine, 45 (8). pp. 363-364. ISSN 03639762

Dakhesh, S and Zareivenovel, M and Hamidi, A (2020) Infodemic management in Iran: A necessity to control and response to COVID-19 [Iran'da Infodemik Yönetim: COVID-19'a Kontrol ve Müdahale Gerekliliǧi]. Gazi Medical Journal, 31 (4). pp. 712-713. ISSN 21472092

Damiri, F and Dobaradaran, S and Hashemi, S and Foroutan, R and Vosoughi, M and Sahebi, S and Ramavandi, B and Camilla Boffito, D (2020) Waste sludge from shipping docks as a catalyst to remove amoxicillin in water with hydrogen peroxide and ultrasound. Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 68. ISSN 13504177

Daneshi, S and Nezakati, A and Tahmasebi, S (2020) Weighted cumulative residual (past) inaccuracy for minimum (maximum) of order statistics. Statistics, Optimization and Information Computing, 8 (1). pp. 110-126. ISSN 2311004X

Dashti, S.M.S and Dashti, S.F (2020) An expert system to diagnose spinal disorders. Open Bioinformatics Journal, 13 (1). pp. 57-73. ISSN 18750362

Delavarifar, S and Razi, Z and Tamadon, A and Rahmanifar, F and Mehrabani, D and Owjfard, M and Koohi-Hoseinabadi, O and Zaker Abasali, S (2020) Low-power density radiations emitted from common wi-fi routers influence sperm concentration and sperm histomorphometric parameters: A new horizon on male infertility treatment. Journal of Biomedical Physics and Engineering, 10 (2). pp. 167-176. ISSN 22517200

Dianat-Moghadam, H and Heidarifard, M and Mahari, A and Shahgolzari, M and Keshavarz, M and Nouri, M and Amoozgar, Z (2020) TRAIL in oncology: From recombinant TRAIL to nano- and self-targeted TRAIL-based therapies. Pharmacological Research, 155. p. 104716. ISSN 10436618

Dobaradaran, S and Akhbarizadeh, R and Javad Mohammadi, M and Izadi, A and Keshtkar, M and Tangestani, M and Moazzen, M and Shariatifar, N and Mahmoodi, M (2020) Determination of phthalates in bottled milk by a modified nano adsorbent: Presence, effects of fat and storage time, and implications for human health. Microchemical Journal, 159. ISSN 0026265X

Dobaradaran, S and Schmidt, T.C and Lorenzo-Parodi, N and Kaziur-Cegla, W and Jochmann, M.A and Nabipour, I and Lutze, H.V and Telgheder, U (2020) Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) leachates from cigarette butts into water. Environmental Pollution, 259. ISSN 02697491

Dobaradaran, S and Shabankareh Fard, E and Tekle-Röttering, A and Keshtkar, M and Karbasdehi, V.N and Abtahi, M (2020) Age-sex specific and cause-specific health risk and burden of disease induced by exposure to trihalomethanes (THMs) and haloacetic acids (HAAs) from drinking water: An assessment in four urban communities of Bushehr Province, Iran, 2017. Environmental Research, 182. ISSN 0013-9351

Dorgalaleh, A and Baghaipour, M.R and Tabibian, S and Ghazizadeh, F and Dabbagh, A and Bahoush, G and Jazebi, M and Bahraini, M and Fazeli, A and Baghaipour, N and Yousefi, F (2020) Gastrointestinal bleeding in a newborn infant with congenital factor X deficiency and COVID-19—A common clinical feature between a rare disorder and a new, common infection. International Journal of Laboratory Hematology, 42 (6). e277-e279. ISSN 17515521

Ebrahimi, A and Eslami, J and Darvishi, I and Momeni, K and Akbarzadeh, M (2020) Investigation of the role of complementary medicine on anxiety of patients before and after surgery. Holistic Nursing Practice, 34 (6). ISSN 08879311

Ebrahimpur, M and Sharifi, F and Shadman, Z and Payab, M and Mehraban, S and Shafiee, G and Heshmat, R and Fahimfar, N and Mehrdad, N and Khashayar, P and Nabipour, I and Larijani, B and Ostovar, A (2020) Osteoporosis and cognitive impairment interwoven warning signs: community-based study on older adults—Bushehr Elderly Health (BEH) Program. Archives of Osteoporosis, 15 (1). p. 140. ISSN 18623522

Emamat, H and Totmaj, A.S and Tangestani, H and Hekmatdoost, A (2020) The effect of egg and its derivatives on vascular function: A systematic review of interventional studies. Clinical Nutrition ESPEN, 39. pp. 15-21. ISSN 2405-4577

Emamat, H and Zahedmehr, A and Asadian, S and Tangestani, H and Nasrollahzadeh, J (2020) Effect of barberry (Berberis vulgaris) consumption on blood pressure, plasma lipids, and inflammation in patients with hypertension and other cardiovascular risk factors: study protocol for a randomized clinical trial. Trials, 21 (1). p. 986. ISSN 17456215

Esmaeeli, A and Ebrahimi, F and Tanha, K and Assadi, M and Seyedabadi, M (2020) Low-dose angiotensin AT1 receptor β-arrestin-biased ligand, TRV027, protects against cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity. Pharmacological Reports, 72 (6). pp. 1676-1684. ISSN 17341140

Esmaeeli, A and Keshavarz, Z and Dehdar, F and Assadi, M and Seyedabadi, M (2020) The effects of carvedilol, metoprolol and propranolol on cisplatin-induced kidney injury. Drug and Chemical Toxicology. ISSN 01480545 (In Press)

Esvandi, Z and Foroutan, R and Peighambardoust, SJ and Akbari, A and Ramavandi, B (2020) Uptake of anionic and cationic dyes from water using natural clay and clay/starch/MnFe2O4 magnetic nanocomposite. Surfaces and Interfaces, 21. ISSN 24680230

Fahimfar, N and Zahedi Tajrishi, F and Gharibzadeh, S and Shafiee, G and Tanha, K and Heshmat, R and Nabipour, I and Raeisi, A and Jalili, A and Larijani, B and Ostovar, A (2020) Prevalence of Osteosarcopenia and Its Association with Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Iranian Older People: Bushehr Elderly Health (BEH) Program. Calcified Tissue International, 106 (4). pp. 364-370. ISSN 0171967X

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Farhadi, N and Tabatabaie, T and Ramavandi, B and Amiri, F (2020) Optimization and characterization of zeolite-titanate for ibuprofen elimination by sonication/hydrogen peroxide/ultraviolet activity. Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 67 (105122). ISSN 1350-4177

Faridi, S and Akbari, H and Faridi, H and Keshmiri, S and Adibzadeh, A (2020) Human, Forest and vegetation health metrics of ground-level ozone (SOMO35, AOT40f and AOT40v) in Tehran. Journal of Environmental Health Science and Engineering, 18 (2). pp. 1351-1358. ISSN 2052-336X

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Fattah, A and Asadi, A and Shayesteh, M.R.H and Hesari, F.H and Jamalzehi, S and Abbasi, M.f and Mousavi, M.J and Aslani, S (2020) Fertility and infertility implications in rheumatoid arthritis; state of the art. Inflammation Research, 69 (8). pp. 721-729. ISSN 10233830

Fokkens, W.J and Lund, V.J and Hopkins, C and Hellings, P,W and Kern, R and Reitsma, S and Toppila-Salmi, S and Bernal-Sprekelsen, M and Mullol, J and Alobid, I and Terezinha Anselmo-Lima, W and Bachert, C and Baroody, F and von Buchwald, Christian and Cervin, A and Cohen, N and Constantinidis, J and de Gabory, L and Desrosiers, M and Diamant,, Z and Douglas, R.J and Gevaert, P.H and Hafner, A and Harvey, R.J and Farrokhi, s (2020) European Position Paper on Rhinosinusitis and Nasal Polyps 2020. Rhinology, 58. pp. 1-464. ISSN 0300-0729

Forootan, S and Saeb, M and Tamadon, A (2020) Folliculogenesis and follicular fluid adiponectin in cows: Its alterations and relationships with ovarian function [Folikulogeneza i adiponektin u folikularnoj tekućini krava: Promjene i odnos s funkcijom jajnika]. Veterinarski Arhiv Volume 90, Issue 2, 2020, Pages 101-110, 90 (2). pp. 101-110. ISSN 03725480

Foroutan, R and Mohammadi, R and Peighambardoust, S.J and Jalali, S and Ramavandi, B (2020) Application of nano-silica particles generated from offshore white sandstone for cadmium ions elimination from aqueous media. Environmental Technology and Innovation, 19 (101031). ISSN 23521864

Foroutan, R and Mohammadi, R and Sohrabi, N and Sahebi, S and Farjadfard, S and Esvandi, Z and Ramavandi, B (2020) Calcined alluvium of agricultural streams as a recyclable and cleaning tool for cationic dye removal from aqueous media. Environmental Technology and Innovation, 17. ISSN 23521864

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